How to become Endless Hope Bible Church Media member

Endless Hope Bible Church Media member

Through the grace of God, my ministry has touched a lot of people in and out of the country. I have received a lot of testimonies from people who believe that God has sent me as Moses in their lives. Most of them saw me though TV broadcasting media and it has been their desire that they become disciples under my anointing and become sons and daughters of Endless Hope Bible Church.

It is with excitement and great joy that I announce to you that distance is no longer a barrier. You can become a son of Endless Hope Bible Church media member.

What is Endless Hope Bible Church Media Member?

Endless Hope Bible Church media member is a platform which connects people globally who are unable to physically come to the branches. It allows you to be connected with the church via media broadcasting and internet. It will allow you to connect with Makamu TV live every Sunday and experience the live service from your province or country.

I personally believe that God has anointed me to preach His good news globally. The Lord has allocated people globally to my anointing and I refuse to allow distance to become a barrier. With the current technology life has become convenient and I have invested in giving you the best service through Makamu TV and Youtube.

My responsibility as Endless Hope Bible Church media member

As a member you are expected to look at Endless Hope Bible Church as your church.

You are under the anointing of Bishop I. Makamu

You will be part of our church services through Makamu TV live broadcast, Makamu Tv website or Youtube every Sunday.

You will be allocated to a homecell in your area

Honor God with your Tithes and Offering.

Preaching the Gospel

In our ministry we have an outreaching ministry that travels all around the globe to give good news to the people of God.

We preach through TV broadcast and internet

We look forward to welcoming you as part of our Endless Hope Bible Church Family

“Without you we can not accomplish”